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Lesbian Guide    
Amsterdam's lesbian    
community is growing rapidly and many lesbian women from all over the world come here to have fun. Watch out for special parties!

Find a place to stay in Amsterdam

Lesbian Hotels
Amsterdam has it's very own true lesbian hotel

Please note that most kitchens close at 22:00, so you would need to be in a restaurant before then. Unlike other cities, Amsterdam has only few real gay restaurants, which makes them even more worthwile.

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Hemelse Modder
      gay & lesbian neighbourhood restaurant

Lesbian Bars

Bar Buka
      The new woman-friendly cafĂ© in Amsterdam

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      Women's bar

      Closed as of July 1, 2017

A great starting point is offered by gay & lesbian bookstores

Amsterdam does not have a lesbian club anymore (you used to have You II, but has become a straight place nowadays). Lesbian parties are more frequently taking place though, and offer a nice alternative.

      Non commercial Lesbian & Gay party

For special parties and events see our Agenda section.