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Sight Seeing
Most people we met around the world who visited Amsterdam at least went to the Anne Frank Huis, the Van Gogh Museum, the Red Light district (the area behind the Warmoesstraat) and some coffeeshops. Amsterdam however, is a cultural city with a lot to see. Here are some of the highlights; you will of course also find them marked on our Amsterdam Gay Map.

The Anne Frank House
In the center of Amsterdam from the "Secret Annex" in the back of a canal house Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during the years she and her family were in hiding during World War II. You can visit the rooms of the actual hiding place, which provide an impression of the life of Anne Frank, her family, her diary and the hiding period.
website Anne Frank House

Rijks Museum Rijksmuseum
Home to the famous Night Watch and an outstanding collection of other Rembrandts, the Rijksmuseum contains the world's leading collection of Dutch masters. Reserve a day for this cultural feast! The Rijksmuseum is currently being renovated, but is open for public, with it's most well know collection still on display.
website Rijks Museum

Van Gogh Museum
At the Van Gogh Museum Vincent's tormented drawings and writings complement 200 striking canvases - providing marvelous insight into his life and work.
Tip: get your ticket from their website, it prevents long waiting times.
website Van Gogh museum

Stedelijk Museum
Meanwhile, the airy Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art presents over 1,000 modern art exhibits, from 1850 to the present day - from impressionism and expressionism to pop and minimalism. Its features include paintings by Cťzanne, Chagall, Picasso, and Monet among others.
The Stedelijk museum is currently closed for renovation.

website Stedelijk museum

Artis Zoo Artis Zoo
With its 12,000 different animals and Hollandís largest and oldest aquarium, Amsterdamís Artis Zoo also features a reptile house, a small mammal house and a special house for nocturnal animals. Admission includes entrance to the Planetarium, the Zoological and the Geological Museum. The zoo is beautifully located in the city.
website Artis Zoo

NEMO: New Metropolis Science and Technology Center
In newMetropolis visitors discover that technology, science and art are expressions of human nature. You are invited to explore themes like energy, communications and being human in a playful way. "Interactivity" is a key word. Science Center newMetroppolisThere are many surprising and informative films, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions as well. The design of the startling copper-green building is the creation of the architect Renzo Piano.
website Nemo

Madame Tussaudís Scenerama
This wax museum takes visitors on a unique historical journey. Special effects and moving wax figures create a vivid impression of life in Hollandís Golden Age. The museum also features famous figures of modern times.
website Madam Tussaud Amsterdam

Hermitage Museum Amsterdam
An outpost of the famous Hermitage from St. Petersburg, open from June 20, 2009. In one of the most beautiful buildings along the Amstel. In the monumental 17th century Amstelhof exhibitions will be held, composed of the rich collections of the Hermitage St. Petersburg and other Russian museums.
website Hermitage Amsterdam

Other places of interest

The Homomonument
The Homomonument is both a memorial as a celebration of gay life, and consists of a triangle made of three areas of marble, from wich the most visible one is the one on top of the water. Parties are held there during days like Queensday and Gay Pride. On May 4th, the national Memorial Day, victims of Aids and people convicted for their gay lifestyle are remembered. You will also find Pink Point, the Amsterdam dutch Gay Info point, here.

website Homomonument | Location Amsterdam Gay Map

You may also would like to see:

  • Nieuwe Kerk, Exhibition Museum right on Dam Square
  • The Oude Kerk, Amsterdam's oldest Church amidst the red light district
  • The Amsterdam Historic Museum
  • Begijnenhof
  • the Flowermarket
  • Rembrandthuis, Rembrandt museum
  • Stopera, City Hall, Operahouse
  • the Heineken museum
  • Albert Cuyp market in de Pijp, one of Holland's most well known streetmarkets

  • A good resource for places-to-go can be found on the website of the City of Amsterdam
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