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The Amsterdam Gay Map
Amsterdam is not a big city; most venues are at walking distance, we've cut out those parts of the centre, where 99% of the gay venues can be found.
You can get your own print copy of The Amsterdam Gay Map in all of Amsterdam's gay venues,
With over more then 1,600,000 printed copies already used, each year another 100,000 people use it to find their way.
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Amsterdam Gay Area's: Overview Map (c) 1995/2014 Tom Smits


Main Gay Area's
Although many gay venues are spread over town nowadays, Amsterdam can be roughly devided into 4 main gay areas:

The Warmoesstraat-area nowadays has many cruise bars and bars with dark- and playrooms, and has it's own gay disco; this is the upcoming gay area in town, with the popular Zeedijk & many gay places at Spui at walking distance.
to Warmoesstraat (+ zoomed interactive map)
interactive Gay Map Warmoesstraat

The Regulierdwarsstraat is, together with the Amstel area, the trendy area in town. At Reguliersdwarsstraat many gay places turned straight nowadays, but a.o. Soho, Taboo & Saturnino are great gay places to go to.
to Regulierdwars area (+ zoomed interactive map)
interactive Gay Map Regulierdwarsstraat

The Amstel is, together with the Reguliersdwars area,
the (more) trendy area in town, music wise it's more dutch sing-a-long
to Amstel area (+ zoomed interactive map)
interactive Gay Map Amstel area

The Kerkstraat is the oldest gay area in town, where
you find most gay hotels. With additions like Club Church, this area is reviving.
to Kerkstraat area (+ zoomed interactive map)
interactive Gay Map Kerkstraat area

To indicate distances:
walking from Reguliersdwarsstraat to Amstel takes about 2 minutes,
from Kerkstraat to Reguliersdwarsstraat about 10 minutes, and
from Warmoesstraat to Reguliersdwarsstraat about 13 minutes.
extensive info/ distinction various gay areas

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