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Tuesday 22 Aug
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Special events Today
Expo Monument van Trots
IHLIA Amsterdam
Beer Bust
Spijkerbar Amsterdam
No Towel Night
Sauna NieuweZijds Amsterdam
Fetish Lounge
Club Church Amsterdam
Queens Head Bingo with Coby
The Queens Head Amsterdam
GL Films: The handmaiden (2016...
LantarenVenster Rotterdam
GL Films: Heartstone (2016)
LantarenVenster Rotterdam

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Coming special events & parties

23/ 8   Twinkie WednesdayAmsterdam
23/ 8   Expo Monument van TrotsAmsterdam
23/ 8   Naked barAmsterdam
24/ 8   Expo Monument van TrotsAmsterdam
24/ 8   EAZ, Coyote UglyDen Haag
24/ 8   PRE-BLUEAmsterdam
24/ 8   BlueAmsterdam
25/ 8   Expo Monument van TrotsAmsterdam
25/ 8   GL Films: Fresa y Chocolate (1993)Rotterdam
25/ 8   GL Films: Ultimos Dias en la HabanaRotterdam
25/ 8   GL Films: Una Mujer Fantastica (2017) Rotterdam
25/ 8   (z)onderbroekAmsterdam
25/ 8   Funbox, DJ Mark VicenteAmsterdam
25/ 8   Jakk B does the Queens HeadAmsterdam

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