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Sunday 18 Feb
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Special events Today
Exhibition Lovers
Toddities Amsterdam
Horsemen and Knights sex party
NCADAM Amsterdam
Gay sm Sameplace
Same Place Amsterdam
COC Haaglanden Den Haag
Transcafé Rotterdam: film XXY
COC Rotterdam Rotterdam
Hello Pozzums
Club Church Amsterdam
Winter Queens part IV
The Queens Head Amsterdam

Amsterdam Today & Tomorrow- spotlight

Sunday 18 February  full agenda
x  Dagelijks bij IHLIA een expositie |IHLIA
12:00  Exhibition LoversToddities
15:00  Singalong SundayElke zondagmiddag vHet Mandje
15:00  Gay sm SameplaceSame Place
15:00  Horsemen and Knights sex partyNCADAM
16:00  Changing Themes, usually between 16Club Church
16:00  Sunday..... 3 Happy Hours from 16:0Spijkerbar
16:00  Sunday Funday | Even better than MoHotSpot Bar
16:00  Hello PozzumsClub Church
16:00  Getto Bubble Bash All Bubble CocktaGetto
17:00  Live Music Every Sunday!Montmartre
19:00  Winter Queens part IVThe Queens

Monday 19 February  full agenda
12:00  Exhibition LoversToddities
12:00  Dagelijks bij IHLIA een expositie |IHLIA
16:00  Everyday..... 2 Happy Hours from 17Spijkerbar
16:00  Erix Vaute Musiek MaaandagHotSpot Bar
19:00  Mellow MondaySauna Nieuw

  full agenda


Coming special events & parties

19/ 2   Exhibition LoversAmsterdam
19/ 2   Mellow MondayAmsterdam
20/ 2   Exhibition LoversAmsterdam
20/ 2   Beer BustAmsterdam
20/ 2   No Towel TuesdayAmsterdam
20/ 2   Fetish LoungeAmsterdam
20/ 2   Cobys Cut KaraokeAmsterdam
21/ 2   Twinkie WednesdayAmsterdam
21/ 2   Exhibition LoversAmsterdam
21/ 2   OrpheusDen Haag
21/ 2   Naked barAmsterdam

  full agenda


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