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We won't deny that Amsterdam has a huge reputation when it comes to sex. This city hosts every kind of variation you can possibly immagine!

Find a place to stay in Amsterdam

Escorts & Boysclubs
You don't mind paying for sex? These companies will help you discretely and are all legal. The legal age for callboys is 18 in Holland.

AA Boys
  Tip! Escorts

First class boys, home and hotelvisits


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Boysclub 21
  Tip! Boysclub, escorts

Oldest boysclub
Boysclub 21 is presently the only boysclub in Amsterdam. The bar staff is very friendly and the boy...

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  Tip! Escorts

Amsterdams no. 1 gay escortservice
Carefully selected boys in any type. World Wide service. This agency isn't just any, they've...

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People Direct
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Zelfstandig werkende Escortboys | Self employed escortboys
Self-employed escortboys & paydates Contact self-employed boys directly without any third-party fee...

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These bars/ clubs have darkrooms for hot cruising

Club Church
  Tip! club, leather, darkroom, bar, party

Cruise Club with theme-nights and darkroom
CHURCH - Popular gay cruise club
Open from Tue till Sun. they have a different theme each night. ...

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Cuckoos nest
  Tip! Bar, Leather, Darkroom

Cruise bar with big darkroom
The Cuckoo's Nest is a gay men's bar right in the center of Amsterdam.
It started life in 1984 a...

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Dirty Dicks
  Tip! bar, darkroom, leather

Well-know great leather & cruise bar
Dirty Dicks is Back!
Famous gay cruising bar

With Bigger and improved dark room

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  Tip! leather, darkroom, bar

Famous Cruise Bar
Famous Cruise Bar with large cruising area, darkroom and playareas!

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  Tip! Bar, Cruise, Darkroom

Cruise and play bar
Friendly, attitude free gay bar with Pool and playroom, free wifi and smoking room.

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Adult Cinema's
Cruising in cinema's gives you usually quite an exciting crowd. These places have darkrooms, so there's a lot to shop for here....

Man to Man
  Tip! Cinema, sexshop, Shop, darkroom

Cinema ticket valid all day
With darkroom!


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     Shop, cinema, darkroom

Cinema busy during lunch/rush hours
This shop has been extensively renovated, and they now offer tons of gay lifestyle options, from the...

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Le Salon
     Shop, Sex, Cinema

Sex supermarket

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For outside cruising, go to the Vondelpark. For inside cruising, you may also want to try Church, a new club with all different kinds of (sex-)parties, or one of the many cinema's or darkrooms. Alternatively, you can try the sauna, although the public usually is a bit older here.


Cruising in the Vondelpark is near the rosegarden. Be aware of groups of marrocan boys here though, hence, use common sense.

Zandvoort gay beach

Take the train to Zandvoort beach (Haarlem direction); when getting off in Zandvoort, go all the way to the South end of the beach. You can also rent a bike from around the station.

Weíre going to Zandvoort and the sea
Zandvoort has always been Amsterdamís large swimming pool. Pale city boys go there every now and then to get some healthy breaths of sea-air. In the o...
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   Strandleven - We gaan naar Zandvoort
Al een eeuwigheid is Zandvoort het grote zwembad van Amsterdam. Stadse bleekneuzen gingen en gaan er naar toe om eens wat gezonde zeelucht op te snuiv...
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Cruising - Just Looking for Mr. Right Away
Cruising, just ask your friends and acquaintances and youíll get the same explanation: to chat up, looking for a sex partner, etc. It seems like itís all known, however, as it is f.....
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Gay Sauna's
Sauna NieuweZijds
  Tip! sauna

Gay Sauna Amsterdam
brand new gay sauna from the team behind Club Church.

Bar & Lounge
turkish bath

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gay sauna's

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